SRSOD End of Year Concert tic kets go on sale at 6.00pm on Sunday 14th October! Tickets will be allocated by SRSOD staff on a First in, Best dressed basis and can be collected from the start of November. Concert information is below. Click on the following link to order your tickets from 6.00pm Sunday 14th October!




We have 5 concerts all held at The Drum Theatre in Dandenong. Tickets go on sale on the 14th October.

Saturday 24th November 12.30pm Junior Concert

Saturday 24th November 3.00pm Junior Concert

Saturday 24th November 5.30pm Senior Concert

Sunday 25th November 12.30pm Senior Concert

Sunday 25th November 5.30pm Senior Concert

Junior Concert Tickets: Adult $22.50 Child $16.50

Senior Concert Tickets: Adult $32.50 Child $26.50


group ballet rehearsals

There are group ballet rehearsals scheduled on the following days for the Ballet Exam group items for concert:

Pre-Ballet Exam, Primary Ballet Exam and Grade 1 Ballet Exam: Wizard of Oz

Tuesday 16th October 4.45-5.15pm

Saturday 20th October 11.45-12.15pm

Tuesday 23rd October 4.45-5.15pm

Saturday 27th October 11.45-12.15pm

Tuesday 30th October 4.45-5.15pm

Saturday 10th November 11.45-12.15pm

Tuesday 13th November 4.45-5.15pm

Saturday 17th November 11.45-12.15pm

Thursday 22nd November TBC

Grade 2 Ballet Exam: Snow White

EVERY Saturday 11.15-11.45am**

Saturday 20th October

Saturday 27th October

Saturday 10th November

Saturday 17th November

Thursday 22nd November TBC

Grade 3 and 4 Ballet Exam: The Legend of Robin Hood

Thursday 18th October 5.45-6.15pm

Saturday 20th October 10.00-10.30am

Thursday 25th October 5.45-6.15pm

Saturday 27th October 11.15-11.45am

Thursday 1st November 5.45-6.15pm

Thursday 8th November 5.45-6.15pm

Saturday 10th November 10-10.30am

Thursday 15th November 5.45-6.15pm

Saturday 17th November 11.15-11.45am

Thursday 22nd November TBC

Grade 5 Ballet Exam: Discovery of the Cosmos
Monday 15th October 6.30-7.00pm

Thursday 18th October 4.45-5.15pm

Monday 22nd October 6.30-7.00pm

Thursday 25th October 4.45-5.15pm

Monday 29th October 6.30-7.00pm

Thursday 1st November 4.45-5.15pm

Thursday 8th November 4.45-5.15pm

Monday 12th November 6.30-7.00pm

Thursday 15th November 4.45-5.15pm

Thursday 22nd November TBC

Grade 6 Ballet Exam: Sending Soldiers to WWI
Tuesday 16th October 6.00-6.15pm *revision only

Monday 22nd October 7.30-8.00pm

Tuesday 23rd October 6.00-6.15pm *revision only

Monday 29th October 7.30-8.00pm

Tuesday 30th October 6.00-6.15pm *revision only

Monday 12th November 7.30-8.00pm

Tuesday 13th November 6.00-6.15pm

Thursday 22nd November TBC
Please note revised time for Monday nights
Major Ballet Exam: The Mystery of Anastasia Romanov
EVERY Wednesday 6.30-7.00pm

Wednesday 17th October

Wednesday 24th October

Wednesday 31st October

Wednesday 7th November

Wednesday 14th November 

Wednesday 21st November


dress rehearsals at the theatre

There are two Dress Rehearsal evenings at The Drum Theatre in Dandenong in the week before concert.

Monday 19th November 4.30-9.00pm

Tuesday 20th November 4.30-9.00pm

There will be no classes running on these nights at the studio.